Coe & Co Wines

Welcome to Coe&Co 

We are a  family owned wine producer located at Cooba East Station, Gundagai, NSW, Australia.

"Our aim is to create great wines, to be enjoyed - in good company."  

Our vineyard is located at the base of Cooba Mountain, which creates a distinctive climate allowing us to produce a premium quality product, with unique characteristics and flavours. The Coe family, have placed a covenant on the surrounding grassy woodland and mountain that rises above the vineyard, creating a legacy that protects the land for eternity.  In the same tradition, this covenant honours the pioneering generations in our family who have worked in harmony with this sometimes unforgiving land. We present our wine with both love for our family and the land our product is coaxed from.

At Coe & Co Wines we like to work in a professional manner while having fun along the journey. In addition, we recognise the responsibility we have to help the environment and to protect our children's legacy.

At the end of the day we reward our hard work by unwinding with a glass of wine with friends and family, where we are always -


We have two ranges of wines for Shiraz and Chardonnay

LEANING COW - Great easy drinking wine, with a sense of fun that we hope brings a smile to your face!

COVENANT - A premium wine selected from our Covenant block- for the sophisticated wine drinker with an environmental conscience.

Please drink responsibly and always…IN GOOD COMPANY.



The Coe family consider the grassy woodland surrounding our vineyard as an extremely important biodiverse community.  We are determined to protect this land and to create a lasting legacy for our children. We have placed a perpetual covenant over 1000acres of land adjoining the vineyard. This grassy woodland contains threatened yellow box and white box communities which are valuable habitats for superb parrots, diamond fire tails and quolls. The Coe family has been involved with the Australian National University, in monitoring and recording the effects of different grazing regimes on flora and fauna over the property. As a result of the improved biodiversity of rotational grazing and environmental management regimes, Cooba East Station is gradually evolving into a majestic beauty!

During Spring and Autumn we open up the grassy woodland area to friends of Coe&Co. We invite you to come and spend time enjoying a paddock barbecue, taste our beautiful wines, explore the creeks and mountain, experience bush walking, camping, mountain biking, and to immerse yourself in the natural rugged beauty of Cooba East Station (one of the original cattle stations in the region and part of the original Nangus Cattle Run).

If you are interested in receiving more information regarding these special weekends then register an expression of interest for a Grassy Woodland Paddock Barbie.

The wine we produce in our Covenant range, is chosen from the Covenant Block which is located at the base of Cooba Mountain, beside the beautiful grassy woodland.